Friday, March 10, 2017

I Can't Drive 55

Trust the training.

Can you all repeat it with me?


Because I just did the math and the marathon is in 55 days.

That's not that long.

That's really short.

Holy crap.

I'm not freaking out, you are!

It doesn't help that this is a step back week. After the 17 miles last week, I only do a long run of 5 miles this week. ONLY. HA! You know you're marathon training when five miles sounds like nothing.

I have got to focus on my cross training. I did weights on Wednesday and feel pretty good about it. Arms and legs and 15 minutes on my stair stepper in five minute intervals. I am ashamed to admit how long it has been since I have lifted a weight. Ah, well. Get back into it, that's all I can do.

Trust the training. Trust the cross training.

Trust that you will have friends spread out through the course to get you over the finish line.


  1. You've got this. You've got 55 days to go and you've already got a 15 minute mile 17 mile run under your belt. You are going to continue cement your fitness for this race. You've got this.

  2. Trust it!! You're going to be awesome!! I can't wait to hear all about it!!!

  3. Enjoying your posts! You've got this! :)