Tuesday, April 11, 2017

It's Alive!

The streak is alive and going strong. Even with a clogged ear that really wanted to be an ear infection, I still managed to get my body moving.

Not sure, where I left off on pictures, but I have been doing screen shots of my Fitbit steps when I workout. It's neat--and I am sad I have not done this before--but I just start a workout with my Fitbit and march or walk around my house until I hit a mile. I did that a few times when I got home late at night and the treadmill wasn't an option.

Friday's marching

Saturday's marching
Like I said, I was under the weather. I didn't have it in me to do my six mile training run. Nothing like a late spring cold to just make my life better and easier, right? Instead, I checked with my friend to make sure he could drive me home, and walked up to the bar where we had Pub Trivia. It ended up being about a 3.25 mile walk. It was good to get some mileage on my legs.

It helped me feel a little better to see I could walk pretty fast. My goal is to take the first half of the marathon very, very easy since that is the hilliest part of the course. Cut off time is a 7 hour marathon, and they open the course progressively at a 16 minute mile. Figure with a slow but steady pace for the first ten miles I should have enough juice left in the tank to finish strong.

Saturday I run my last long run before the marathon...TWENTY-THREE MILES! Is that insane? It seems like only a crazy person would get up at 5AM on a Saturday to run around her neighborhood for six hours.

Good thing: I will be able to eat an extra helping of cheesy potatoes on Easter Sunday.


  1. Wow, last long run! That's great about your streak! Keep it up!

  2. I can't believe we're almost here!! One more long run to go!