Thursday, April 27, 2017

This Is Ground Control to Major Tom

Oh hey! This week just got away from me. I was all set to post about the 10K I did last Saturday, but then life happened and here we are on Thursday.

It still counts if I get the recap in before I do my next race, right?

I ran the Martian Marathon 10K as a training run. I had six miles on the schedule and figured it would be just as much fun to run the six on a closed course as it would be to run through my neighborhood.

Funny story, when my alarm went off for me to get up and leave. I turned it off and went back to sleep. I thought, 'eh, I don't really want to get up and drive twenty minutes to just run six miles. I can do that at home.'

Then my sons both started whining...seriously, as soon as they woke up...and I said, 'you know, that race sounds really fun right now'. And I left them with their dad. Sorry, honey.

The 10K and 5K started together at 8AM.

Look at all those happy runners!

I zoomed in because it isn't super obvious, but the run started UPHILL.
Isn't that mean?
Aside from the sun, it was a perfect running day. Temps were in the high 40's at the start. I forgot my fuel belt so I wore my running jacket for the pockets. A tenth of the way into the run, I knew I would be too hot. I tied the jacket around my waist, which was fine for six miles. I wouldn't recommend it for any more than that. Nothing like having your cell phone bang against your thigh every few feet.

I don't know if it was the weather or just the fact I was so excited to have a long run that wasn't in the double digits, but I had so much fun! My music was great, the course was fun, the people around me were nice. (I am sure they hated me as I passed them all perky and cheerful like mother effing Pollyanna) I had to reign myself in a whole bunch. This was a training run, which meant SLOW THE EFF DOWN, MEG.
The good news, I felt GREAT during the whole run. Yes, I should have gone much, much slower. But, you know, sometimes it is nice to know your legs have that in them. When slogging through 23 miles at a much slower pace and thinking "I am never going to finish 26 miles within course limits" it helps to know, well at least I can run a 10K at a decent pace.
One more six mile long run this upcoming weekend and I am officially done with my long runs for this training. Isn't that crazy?


  1. Looks like a wonderful race to have run! Glad it was a good experience!

  2. Bwahaha, I laughed out loud at your decision to run it after your bigs got whiny!!

    Great job!!!

  3. You are going to do absolutely great with your marathon!! I've had the same experience with leaving once the whining starts. :)