Monday, May 22, 2017

Then What?

I spent almost six months training for my marathon.

Now it's over.

What happens next? I really let my eating and weight loss fall to the side while I was training. I had a difficult time getting in calories after long runs, and restricting them and my carbs was making me feel like garbage so I just ate what I felt like eating. I didn't gain weight, which is good. On the other hand, I haven't lost weight since March. So that sucks.

I want to work on my weights again. I love those darn things. I'm going out for a run this evening just to run and not to train for anything which is weird. I'll run what I feel like running at the pace I feel like moving. I have my eye on signing up for the morning swim offered at our city pool (which opens Memorial Day weekend). I miss swimming and this one has a set workout made up by a swim coach from one of our local colleges.

And I'm going to sign up for the Detroit Women's Half Marathon in September. I have run either the 5K or the half marathon in that race for the past five years, as long as the race has been a round, so I'll start training for that one in the next couple of weeks.

For the first time in four years I am not going to be doing a summer musical. It's weird, but at the same time a little bit of a relief. I  love being on stage, but the rehearsals for this last show I was in, plus the emotional gut punch (I was M'Lynn in Steel Magnolias) left me drained. A few months off will be good for me and the guys.

I'm looking forward to a good summer with my family and friends!


  1. Sounds like a good plan! And now you still have something to look forward to training wise!

  2. Morning swim sounds great! Enjoy your little break :)

  3. I think you are wise for stepping back and planning a bit more relaxation!!!

    I've read other accounts of people that say that they didn't lose while training for a marathon. So your not alone!

  4. Sounds like a plan!! And kudos to you on not GAINING weight while training!

  5. A swim class sounds like a great way to challenge yourself with a different workout for the summer. Have fun!

  6. It didn't occur to me that you were training for a marathon WHILE doing a musical. Dude. You're awesome!