Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Drop It Like It's Hot

Week Four
Weekly weigh-in: -0.4 pounds
Pounds to go: 50

I am officially done weighing in for the month of June. Not much of a loss this week, but nature and biomechanics and being a woman have all conspired against me. Since this is just a fact of life, I will let it go. 

Doesn't mean I can't grumble about it for a little while.

I had my first two-a-day yesterday. I swam in the morning, then did a three mile run in the evening. Thankfully, I had a friend come do the run with me. Not so sure I would have done it otherwise. This morning I couldn't get to the pool, my husband had to work early. I just did my running workout (5 x 400 at 5K pace) on the treadmill in our basement.

Not sure what my 5K pace is, exactly, so I ran the 400's at a 12:00 minute mile. I'm supposed to walk or slow jog in between, though it didn't say for exactly how far. I guess I should read Hal Higdon's book? I ended up doing just .05 in between each 400 at a walk because I ran out of time.

With that over with, I can enjoy my haircut this evening without figuring out how to get a run in before bed. Such a nice feeling.

Hope June has been awesome for you! Let's kick July's ass!


  1. All in all, fantastic month! You are seriously kicking butt. Hang in there! You'll see that loss next week!

  2. I would take that loss, girlfriend!! Great job in June!!

  3. You have had an incredible June and I am sure July will surpass it!!