Thursday, July 20, 2017

If at First You Don't Succeed Then Dust Yourself Off and Try Again

I did two running workouts yesterday, one in the morning and one at night. Probably not the wisest decision, but I wanted to get my tempo run in. The guys went to sleep easily (thank you swim lessons and hours spent outdoors with the hose) which didn't leave me much of an excuse.

I hate speed work. I'm not a fan of doing things FAST. I like my slow and steady approach to running.

Speaking of speed work...

Tempo run done, then I did weights because I didn't think I would have time to do weights tonight. No big, right?

Wrong. This morning at swimming we did...drum roll, please...speed work.

Oh, sprints, how I hate you.

I almost didn't go swim this morning. Sleep has been such a struggle lately. Seriously, I got up to let the dogs out and thought, "I can go back to bed for another half hour."

Look at this face:
This me sitting on the back steps trying to convince myself not to swim.

It doesn't help that as the summer moves on, it gets darker and darker in the mornings.

Somehow, I just kept moving. I put on my suit. I brushed my teeth. I drove to the pool. I swam. That swim was brutal. I already had tired legs from my TWO runs yesterday. Add to that sprints, and you can imagine how wobbly I was when I got out of the pool.

Weak and tired, yes.

Grumpy? Nope.
Flushed red cheeks from sprinting, but smiling. Endorphins are no joke.


  1. Wow! The tale of two pictures should get us all moving. Good job!!

  2. I hope that Mr. Sandman has finally caught up to you! I think I have caught your no-sleeping bug though!

  3. Love this post and LOVE your grumpy face!!

  4. You are amazing to work out as much as you do! I can't imagine how your muscles must ache and how ripped you're going to be!