Monday, July 10, 2017

Oh Thursday Doesn't Even Start

Half marathon training Week 2 - complete!

I did my three miles pace run on Saturday on the treadmill. I'm aiming for 12:20/mile for my goal pace so I can beat my current half marathon PR which is 2:43 and change. Saturday I ran my three at an 11:20/mile pace. I busted my ass for that, so maybe I should slow down to prevent injury. Sunday, I had six on the schedule. One of my runner friend's is in from out of town, so we picked a 5K to run together. She isn't trained enough for the six I needed. Instead, I met up with a different runner friend, ran three with him, then met up with her and ran the 5K. 6.1 done for the day.

And this morning I got up at the ass crack of dawn and swam for fifty minutes.

All of that, and I still feel like I am struggling with my weight. I took measurements last week just so I can have something to compare with, because the scale is a dick.

In between workouts, we had family in from out of town so plenty of cousin time, and then my guys, husband, and I all went to our city pool for a couple of hours Sunday afternoon. My little fishies had a blast!

How was your weekend?


  1. You are doing great so far with the training plan and all the swimming! Just wait and let those measurements be the true tale though! (Which reminds me, I need to do them too. I FINALLY found my measuring tape).

  2. With all of the work you're putting in, the scale will eventually catch up. In the meantime, you're killing it and your muscles are going to rock (after they ache more than I can imagine of course!)