Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Word to Your Mother

I have had an early start at work all week which means no swimming.

Add to that family in from out of town (Not complaining, I love the family visits) and my workouts have suffered.

Life will even out soon!

Until then, I will keep tracking my food, workout when I can, and be happy that I am so lucky to have such good people in my life.

Happy Tuesday to you!


  1. It's all about the balance! Great job doing what you can, when you can!

  2. I so feel for you on the visits! They're awesome, but always put my schedule in a tailspin.

  3. Family reunion for me this weekend. I love/dread these events. :p

  4. My parents just moved their visit to us and I confess, while I'm happy they're coming, part of me internally "ugh, now I have to rearrange my training workouts!"