Monday, August 21, 2017

All This Whinin' and Cryin' and Pitchin' a Fit Get Over It

You know your weekend is going be a good one when you start out like this:
Double margaritas!
This should come as a surprise to NO ONE but I didn't do my scheduled Saturday run. Because see above picture showing how I spent my Friday evening.

Funny enough, it wasn't even the booze that did it. On Friday I did the weight workout I was supposed to do on Thursday. And somehow I strained my shoulder muscle. It hurt like the dickens when I walked and I wasn't about to torture myself for a run. Thankfully, by Sunday it had mellowed out enough for me to run.

Ten miles on the treadmill on Sunday. Here's how I accomplished that. My treadmill has a max time of 60 minutes. Here was my first sixty:
Then I started again. Stopped after two miles to wrangle a kid in the middle of a meltdown. Got back on it. By then I had paused it so long it reset itself, but I rounded DOWN to two miles, even though I know I was past the two mile mark. Got back on the treadmill. Made it over a mile before I needed to help get the kids breakfast. Paused it again. Stayed away so long it reset itself. Again, rounded up just because I couldn't remember how far over a mile I was. Got BACK on the treadmill and finished out with a 2.5 miles. All of this done at a 13 minute/mile pace.

I figure I deserve all the extra credit in the world for getting back on the damn treadmill every time I was forced to stop. My 2 hours and 10 minutes of running took me almost three hours with all the stops.

But, it's done. And I felt pretty good.

The downside to a treadmill run? My phone thinks I was sitting on my ass the whole time.
Gee, thanks, phone.


  1. Seriously big kudos for getting that done on the treadmill! And sticking it out! Great job!

  2. Stupid phone - your rock star legs know you got all the miles in. :)