Thursday, August 10, 2017

I Come Running Home to You

Week Ten
Weekly weigh-in: -0.4 pounds
Pounds to go: 49

My swimming has officially ended. I'm sad. I really did enjoy the classes, even if I did bitch and moan occasionally complain about the early wake up.

The swim coach very kindly stopped me as I was leaving. I have to leave about fifteen minutes before the rest of the class. So, he stopped me and told me what an improvement I had made since the start of the class and how impressed he was with me and my whole lane (aka the Turtle Lane). It was very nice of him to say that and I left looking forward to next summer.

I've been researching Masters Swims in various swim clubs in the area. I could join the Y and I honestly may end up doing just that. But, it would be nice to get an organized workout in a few days a week. I sent an email to one. The term Masters doesn't mean a master of the sport, but the age. Even with that, I just finished a Masters Swim and I was clearly one of the slowest swimmers there. I don't want to sign up for one, pay a bunch of money, and feel like garbage and that I'm holding people back. That's not a good feeling AT ALL. We'll see what the swim club has to say about that.

As for my weight loss. Meh. I didn't lose any in July, but I found some momentum once August hit. I'm seeing the scale slide slowly down. I have to remind myself over and over: it's not a sprint, it's a rest of your life marathon.


  1. Slow and steady! I'm glad you are looking into keeping the swimming into your rotation! Honestly that and the indoor track are the reasons I keep my Y membership going too.

  2. Swimming is such a tough work out - I'm so impressed at all you did all summer!