Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Now I Know I Can Be Happy as a Clam

Proof that I really do get up that early to swim. Hello, Moon!
It's getting darker and darker in the mornings. I've decided--at least for the rest of the month--I will just swap my swimming and running. Since class will be over, I'll run in the mornings and swim laps at night.
And it's that light by the time I'm done swimming.
I haven't been in the pool around 5 (when I get home from work) so I don't know how busy the lanes are. I guess I'll find out.

Today's workout (for my own records):
250 warm-up
16 x 25 kick sprints
12 x 25 freestyle sprints (1st and 2nd focus on stroke, 3rd sprint)
3 x 50 freestyle sprints on the 1:20

I leave about ten minutes before cool down so I miss out on finishing up the last set. I did three, most of the people there probably end up doing ten.

I'm really packing on the running mileage now. I cannot stress how much I hate speedwork. But, speedwork makes the dream work, right? I've got a time goal and I am going to hit that goal!

I've already done strength training once this week. Gotta buckle down and make sure I get to it tomorrow night as well.


  1. Great job! I'm glad you will keep swimming! I know how much you love it!

  2. "speedwork makes the dream work" Ha ha, I love this! Still hate speedwork, though. does do the trick.

    You are doing SO much exercise--you put me to shame, girlfriend!! Great job!