Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Sometimes I Run Sometimes I Hide

Sometimes you stumble.

Sometimes you take an extra forty-five minutes of sleep instead of getting up to swim.

Sometimes you run 2.5 miles instead of 4 because that's all you can fit in your schedule.

Sometimes you eat cereal for dinner.

Sometimes you go out to eat and try dragonfruit for dessert.

Sometimes you struggle.

But, most importantly, you never, ever quit.


  1. You never do. But you still did SOMETHING at least! Proud of you for that!

  2. That's right!! Never, ever!! You're awesome!

    What the holy hell is dragon fruit?! And how was it??

  3. I've never had dragonfruit, but now I really want to try it!!

  4. What did you think of dragonfruit? I had it on vacation and thought it looked way better than it tasted!