Monday, September 18, 2017

Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me

You prepare as much as you possibly can.

You train, train, train.

You spend hours on a treadmill or running loops in your neighborhood.

You do all that and still, come race day, you have to leave certain things up to the Universe.

Mainly, the weather.

The weather on Sunday was hot and sunny. A lovely day to spend at the pool or at the beach with the family. A horrid day to spend running loops on an island with ZERO breeze, humidity, and limited shade.

You know it's bad when the course marshals send medics out on bikes with gallon jugs of water. After I finished, there was an ambulance heading out on the course. Sending good vibes out into the universe for that person. When I got in my car after the race, the outside temp was 84 degrees.

The photo is not blurry. That is, in fact, the haze.
Was it a tough race? Absolutely.

Did I have fun? I sure did.

Was it my fastest half? Nope.

Does that matter? Not. At. All.

I got to see my boys and cross the finish line with them. I got to listen to Hamilton and run along Belle Isle which was lovely. It was hot and sunny and miserable, but I did it and I am just happy about the training cycle and the run.

Note to self: Only run races in March and November from here on out.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Getting It Done

No idea where August went, but it's gone and now we move on to September.

I run my half marathon next Sunday. I'm excited for it. I feel properly trained. I haven't missed that many runs. In fact, I seemed to struggle the most this PAST week. I think it was a combo of school starting, work struggling, and life.

I got my last long run of my training cycle in. Funny story, I was supposed to do twelve miles. But, life (IE TWIN BOYS) intervened. I got 10.37 miles in and that will just have to be enough. This week I do 4 miles on Tuesday, a thirty minute tempo run on Wednesday, and 2 miles Thursday and that's it until race day.
When your treadmill only goes in 60 minute cycles you do what you have to to get it done
Did I lose all the weight I wanted to before this race? Nope. Did I still buy my Wonder Woman outfit? You can bet your sweet ass I did. I'll post pics on race day.

I joined a Back to School Biggest Loser challenge. Here's hoping I can stick to it this time. NO, not hoping. I'm going to stick to it. End stop. Whew.

Hope your end of summer was great and you are ready to kick butt this fall!